ქართული ვერსია

Land and Real Property

Development of land and real estate markets, implementation of land reform in Georgia, registration of titles and development of an efficient and consumer friendly registration system has been the aim of the Association of Professionals on Land and Realty since its foundation.

During sixteen years of its existence APLR has implemented various projects aimed at initial registration of agricultural and urban land, integration of cadastral information, registration of ownership rights, creation of unified geo-information databases, implementation of large infrastructural projects and through such activities has made an important contribution to the development of real property markets.

Preparing Resettlement Action Plan for the Khudoni Hydropower Plant Project

Identification and Examination of Land Parcels Falling within the Construction Area of Khudoni Hydropower Plant; Registration of State Owned Parcels at Public Registry

House Numbering in Dzveli Tbilisi and Saburtalo rayons, Tbilisi, Georgia

Cadastral Surveys and Map Preparation for State-owned Land Parcels, Buildings and Linear Objects

Preparing Resettlement Action Plan for UGS in Georgia Project

Preparing Cadastral Maps for Real Properties Owned by Enterprises Created by State Share Participation

Preparing Cadastral Maps for the Areas Adjoining Old Christian Temples

Provision of Land Ownership Data for SCP Expansion

Land Market Analyses within Administrative Boarders of Tbilisi and Development of a New Zoning Map

Identification, Digitalization and Registration of Main Irrigation Water Supply Systems

Creation of Geoinformation Databases for the City of Mestia

Preparing Guidelines for Application of the Law on State Property and Providing Trainings to the Employees of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia

Support to Creation and Development of the Sequestrated Property Valuation Division of the National Bureau of Enforcement

Support to Implementation of Resettlement Plan within Tbilisi Bypass Railway Construction Corridor

Identification and Registration of Livestock Movement Corridors and Associated Grazing Areas throughout Georgia

Registration of Kareli Rayon Irrigation Systems; Database Formation for Irrigation Water Consumers and Development of Respective Payment Model

Inventory, Survey and Registration of UWSC Assets

Assistance in Land Acquisition within Zugdidi-Khobi Railway Construction Corridor

Preparing Regulation Plan for Poti Free Industrial Zone Development

Elaborating Resettlement Framework for Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project

Survey of IDP Living Spaces

Survey of State-owned Real Properties

Land Acquisition Services alongside Marabda-Karsi Railway Corridor

Preparing Resettlement Plan for IDPs

Survey and Registration of State-owned Land Parcels

Preparing Topographic and Geo-information Maps

Preparing Situation Plans for IDPs Resettlement

Finding and Registration of Land Lots for IDP Settlements

Formation of Geoinformation Databases and Editor Application for Tbilisi, Batumi and Mtskheta Registration Offices

Collecting Information on Land Parcels in the Village of Digomi

Conversion of Cadastral Data of Gardabani Rayon into the Unified Geo Database

Title Registration to Land Parcels/Buildings along Marabda-Karsi Railway

Creation of Geoinformation Databases for Privately Owned Land Parcels of Tskhneti

Finding Information on Agricultural Land Parcels in Various Regions of Georgia

Development of Land Use Plan for Borjomi and Bakuriani Surrounding Territories

Certification of Real Property Surveyors and Appraisers

Technical Assistance to AgriGeorgia for Cultivation of Nut Plantations

Preparing Titling Documentation/Registration at Public Registry of Georgian Railway Real Property

Surveys of State-owned Buildings and Adjoining Land Parcesls in Adjara

Preparation Detailed Cadastral Plans for Land Parcels Subject to Privatization/Renovation of Privatization Plans

Creation of Abkhazia's Geoinformation and Real Estate Databases

Registration of Rights on Oil Exploration Facilities

Property Restitution to the Victims of Georgian-Ossetian Conflict

Forest Inventory and Development of Management Manual for Kolkheti National Park

Forest Inventory

Assessment of Land Acquisition and Compensation for Khanchali Lake

Cadastral Works in Khashuri

Renumbering of Cadastral Data

Land Market Development Activity II

Integration of Cadastral Data

Land Use Hand Back and Acquisition of Additional Rights for AGT Pipeline

Support to High Mountain Village Communities along AGT Pipeline

Grievance Monitoring for AGT Pipeline

Land Registration Assistance Services for AGT Pipeline

Land Market Development Project I

Registration of Ownership Rights in Gori

Monitoring Field Cadastral Works