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15.06.2012 International Expert Provided Trainings for Georgian Valuators

In June of 2012 Professional Certification Body of the Association for Protection of Landowners’’ Rights invited George Badescu, appraiser certified by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and instructor of the same organization, the president of CMF CONSULTING  S.A., the Romanian Consulting Company dealing with real estate, business and plant & machinery valuation. The aim of George Badescu’s visit was to carry out trainings for Georgian appraisers in the field of business, movable property, plant & equipment and intangible assets valuation, to share advanced European experience and provide information on the new version of international valuation standards.

Valuators certified by the APLR Professional Certification Body in the field of movable and immovable property valuation participated in the trainings. The represented different state and private organizations, such as Georgian Valuation Company, Baker Tilly  Georgia, BDO, UBC International, Georgian Auditing and Consulting Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Georgian real Estate and Investment Company, Revenue Services, National Bureau of Enforcement, National Forensic Bureau.

Professional Certification Body plans to expand the scope of accreditation and to certify the specialists in business valuation. One of the main purposes of the above trainings was to improve the qualification of Georgian specialists in business valuation.

Noteworthy that APLR Professional Certification Body plans to closely cooperate with foreign experts and carry out interesting projects in the field of property valuation.